Agenția Regională pentru Reconstrucție și Dezvoltare din Odessa

odesaOdessa Regional Agency for Reconstruction and Development (ORARD) is non-governmental organisation established in October 2009 in Odessa.
ORARD general objective is to support social and economic development of Odessa Region and protection of legal social, economic, national, culture and other common interest of local population. This task also includes expansion of economical prosperity and opportunities for each person in Odessa Region. ORARD involves business approaches and knowledge for addressing issues related to economic prosperity and renovation of the Region.
ORARD’ regional role enables it to implement cost effective and evidence-based programmes and projects. These are helping to drive growth and ensure international competitiveness for region’s economy.
ORARDs main fields of activity:

• Development and implementation of programmes and projects in the fields that first of all supports approaching Odessa region’ social and economic conditions to the EU standards;
• Support to sustainable regional development by involving international technical assistance resources;
• Establishment and development of cooperation with foreign institutions (international organisations, funds, unions etc.) and representation offices of such institutions in Ukraine;
• Organisation and holding of conferences, congresses, forums, symposiums, trainings within ORARD fields of activity involving competent and highly professional experts;
• Support to rising of local population awareness about European Integration, interregional and cross border cooperation, international technical assistance etc.

ORARD works closely with businesses, local authorities, universities and other organisations to agree priorities for Odessa Region economic development. This combines the ORARD’ technical expertise with the views of the local community, ensuring Odessa region makes the most of opportunities for economic growth.
ORARD works to deliver a range of programmes and projects in line with these priorities which support sustainable development and make lasting improvements in the economic performance of the region.

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